*Special class   /  **This class is being offered on a trial basis.

 MAY 29 – JUNE 4

  Saturday (27) –SEE CHANGES

  8:00am       Spin/Hillary

  8:00am       GentleYoga/Monica

  9:00am       BODYPUMP/Jessica

  10:15am     Zumba/Stephanie R.

  Sunday (28) –

  3:00pm       BODYATTACK/Marty & Jessica

  3:00pm       Spin/Stephanie H.

  4:00pm       Yoga/Stephanie H.’

Monday (29) –CLOSED

 Tuesday (30) –

  5:30am          Spin/Hillary

  8:30am          Spin/Shannon

  8:30am          POUND/Monica

  *8:30am        BODYCOMBAT/Stephanie H.

  9:20am          TBC/Monica

  9:30am          Pilates/Stephanie H.

  4:30pm          POUND/Renee

  4:30pm          Step/Anne

  5:35pm          Abs/Anne

  5:35pm          BODYPUMP/Tracie

  5:50pm          Spin/Paul & Patrick

  5:50pm          Zumba/Meredith

 Wednesday (31) –

  5:15am         BODYPUMP/Jessica

  8:30am         BODYATTACK/Leigh

  8:30am         PowerPump/Renee

  9:30am         Spin/Samantha

  9:30am         YogaOpen/Shannon

  4:30pm         BODYPUMP/Stephanie H.

  5:35pm         Abs/Stephanie H.

  5:50pm         BODYATTACK/Marty

  *5:50pm       Hip Hop/Meagan

  Thursday (1) –

   5:30am        Spin/Leigh

   8:30am        Spin/Kristie

   8:30am        POUND/Shannon

   9:20am        TBC/Kristie

   9:30am        Pilates/Shannon

   4:30pm        POUND/Stephanie H.

   5:35pm        BODYPUMP/Hillary

   5:50pm        Spin/Paul & Patrick

   5:50pm        Zumba/Stephanie R.

  Friday (2) –

  5:15am        TBC/Kristie

  8:30am        30-30/Renee

  *5:30pm      PUMP&COMBAT/Stephanie H.

 Saturday (3) –SEE CHANGES

  8:00am       Spin/Kristie

  8:00am       GentleYoga/Monica

  9:00am       BODYPUMP/Jessica

  10:15am     Zumba/Isabelle

  Sunday (4) –

  3:00pm       BODYATTACK/Marty & Jessica

  3:00pm       Spin/Renee

  4:00pm       Yoga/Monica

Schedule Notes

     NorthRidge Fitness will be closed on Monday, May 29th, in honor of Memorial Day.  We hope you have a safe and happy holiday.



     On Tuesday, May 30th, please join us for a special BODYCOMBAT class.  Beginning promptly at 8:30am, this 45 minute workout will literally kick your hiny.