*Special class   /  **This class is being offered on a trial basis.

  JUNE 19 – JUNE 25

  Sunday (18) – Happy Father’s Day

  3:00pm       BODYATTACK/Jessica

  3:00pm       Spin/Stephanie H.

  4:00pm       Yoga/Stephanie H.

Monday (19) –

 5:15am         TBC/Tracie

 8:30am         BODYPUMP/Leigh

 9:30am         Spin/Hillary

 9:30am         GentleYoga/Shannon

 4:30pm         BODYPUMP/Stephanie H.

 5:35pm         Abs/Monica

 5:50pm         Spin/Tracie

 5:50pm         Zumba/Stephanie R.

 5:50pm         Pilates/Monica

 Tuesday (20) –

  5:30am          Spin/Hillary

  8:30am          Spin/Kristie

  8:30am          POUND/Shannon

  *8:30am        BODYCOMBAT/Stephanie H.

  9:20am          TBC/Kristie

  9:30am          Pilates/Shannon

  4:30pm          POUND/Monica

  4:30pm          Step/Anne

  5:35pm          Abs/Anne

  5:35pm          BODYPUMP/Tracie

  5:50pm          Spin/Paul & Patrick

  5:50pm          Zumba/Raytonya

 Wednesday (21) –

  5:15am         BODYPUMP/Laura

  8:30am         BODYATTACK/Leigh

  8:30am         BODYPUMP/Hillary

  9:30am         Spin/Hillary

  9:30am         YogaOpen/Stephanie H.

  4:30pm         BODYPUMP/Shannon

  5:35pm         Abs/Shannon

  5:50pm         BODYATTACK/Marty & Jessica

  *5:50pm       Hip Hop/Isabelle

  Thursday (22) –

   5:30am        Spin/Tracie

   8:30am        Spin/Shannon

   8:30am        POUND/Stephanie H.

   9:20am        TBC/Shannon

   9:30am        Pilates/Stephanie H.

   4:30pm        POUND/Monica

   5:35pm        BODYPUMP/Laura

   5:50pm        Spin/Paul & Patrick

   5:50pm        Zumba/Stephanie R.

  Friday (23) –

  5:15am        TBC/Kristie

  8:30am        30-30/Renee

  *5:30pm      PUMP&ATTACK/Marty

 Saturday (24) –SEE CHANGES

  8:00am       Spin/Samantha

  8:00am       GentleYoga/Monica

  9:00am       BODYPUMP/Jessica

  10:15am     Zumba/Raytonya

  Sunday (25) –

  3:00pm       BODYATTACK/Marty & Jessica

  3:00pm       Spin/Kristie

  4:00pm       Yoga/Terry



Schedule Notes

     TBC was a big hit last Friday evening at the 5:30pm time slot.  We are considering adding it into the Friday night class rotation.  We need feedback from the Friday Night Fitness Faithful.  You know who you are!


2For T Town

     Join us on July 4th for the 2For T Town Fun Run.  This will be year seven for this super fun July 4th morning event.  This 2 mile run is ideal for runners and walkers of all ages and strollers are welcomed.  Sport your most patriotic gear and bring the entire family for fun, prizes and really great food.  Registration packets are available at the Front Desk.